My Weight To Lose

About Me

This blog is about me and my struggles into becoming a healthy person and basically just living life! I'll be sharing all my ups and downs, my most intimate details, embarassing stories, food and work out diaries and my thoughts. This is being done to help me stay on track and for me to ensure I'm keeping up and realizing what I'm putting into my body as well as what I'm doing to make a difference.

I'm 24 and obese. I'm a good and hard working person. I don't ask much from others and to be honest I don't usually expect much from other people.

Right now I'm working as a receptionist/secretary for a great company that I absolutely love. The people there are all supportive in healthy lifestyle (although we do tend to have a lot of sweets and cook outs and parties with food!) and many of my co-workers are inspirational to me.

I've been with my boyfriend, Lamar, for about eight years. This is us:


I met him in high school when I was fifteen and we've been together since I was sixteen. He's my bestfriend. He's also very supportive with me losing weight and becoming healthy. I never really was a bone skinny young adult, but right now being the weight I am, I'm literally like three persons big and I feel that it is creating a problem in our relationship. He still loves me and I him. I know he's not happy with what I've done to myself and he's encouraging me to make the changes I need.

My goal is to be beautiful and healthy for our wedding day and for when I start having children. I can't have kids the way I am and I don't want to teach my kids unhealthy habits. I know I'll be a good mom in many ways and I would like to make sure that I can support them in this aspect of life too. How can I teach my children to by healthy when I don't know how to do that for myself?

I have family that is supportive.. sometimes a little too honest in their opinions but I need at times.

The only problem with my family is that they have never been fat. Maybe they gained weight for a short period of time, but never obese. Here's a picture of us from about two year ago. (I don't like taking pictures very much.. that's something I'm working on okay?)

My Family

Me and My Family

They’ve been pushing me to lose weight ever since I was younger. But honestly, I’m been going through a lot in my life that not many people know about and to go through what I did, I tend to eat my feelings away. Now it’s become a terrible habit that if I’m sad, happy, or whatever, I want to eat. Eating is relaxing, and in some ways makes me feel safe and happy.. it’s the feeling after I eat that I hate. Like the guilt and shame.

I have two birds that are my babies. The one on the left is Alex and the one on the right is Luckydo. They are unpredictable and crazy at time and are like precocious toddlers in tiny bird bodies. They definitely like to be in trouble.

I used to love writing. I wrote many short stories when I was in High School and I had a best friend that was interested in same stories as I was. We would spend time after school writing our own little books, and after reading them a few years later, we were actually pretty good! I don’t write as much as I’d like to, but now with this blog it’ll help me get back into doing it. It will be nice to have a voice again.

I’m just working on myself. I’ve spent years worrying about other people, and now it’s time for me to just be me!

My Two Birds | My Babies!